Hope Is Everything!

imageThe one thing we all have in common is HOPE. It allows you to cope when you can’t figure out your scope.

H is for the headway you make when you get out of your own way. This allows you to get back on track when you stray.

O is for the opportunities you can capitalize on when you free up your mind. Unlocking limitation that takes away your joy and leaves you behind.

P is for the possibilities you see when you look into the mirror, staying in touch with your higher power allowing you to see clearer.

E is for everything you have at your finger tips if you choose to embrace it. You can have anything you want when you commit.

Hope Is Everything When It’s All You Have.

Start dealing with and killing old stuff that’s not working any more. If you are to score you have to pick yourself up off the floor.

When you change your attitude life is no longer a chore. You need to realize that you have to do the work if you want more.

When you stop slipping, dipping, and straight out tripping. You get grounded in who you are and you stop flipping.

You have to learn how to stop conniving, jiving and depriving. You need to start striving, reviving, and thriving.

You got to look at what is stopping you from being free. Today, be open, willing and determined to be put on a marquee.

Stop blaming everyone else for your misgivings and know that you are responsible for your own condition. You can’t even get to know you until you start with you. Do you agree?

Your freedom starts on one knee. You have to take a chance and do something different today. When you stray, simply stop and pray.

Hope is everything when it is all you have.

Do you have hope today? Hope is what we all have in our hearts. And no one can ever take that apart.

Hope is what gets you up in the morning and starts you on your way. You pick the attitude you display that day.

Hope can pull you out of a black hole and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Taking you to the next level where you will find contentment.

Hope can pull you out of depression and despair. You know, when you just don’t care.

Hope can rebuild your emotional bank account. But you must do the work, there is no discount.

Hope is transparent and has no walls. Act as if, even if you have to crawl.

Hope cancels out sadness. It removes insanity and madness.

Hope connects you to the future and lets you start living. If you are to live you have to start forgiving.

Hope is a sacred gift from the Creator. God is in you, you don’t need a translator.

Hope can take a negative experience and neutralize it. It cuts out the stuff not working bit by bit. You have to have hope when you can’t pay your bills.

Hope is your way of tapping into what’s real, knowing that God is where you are; when you are still.

Hope waits for no one. Go back and finish the stuff undone, if you do, then you have won. You have to choose hope to get you through.

Hope never leaves you, don’t turn a blind eye to it, don’t quit. People can’t take your hope, you give your hope, or take your hope away.

It is a blessing to wake up and love you everyday, in a big way. So when hope is all you have, you have enough to push you through.

Get rid of that old attitude and start something new. Look in the mirror, who’s reflection do you see? Are you pleased? If not, you need to change it, indeed.

If you are really living your life like its golden and you are connected to your spiritual path there is no room to go insane. There is no more blame, you are living your life off the chain.

Insanity comes when you blame others for your stuff. It doesn’t take much to figure that out. You don’t need a psychic to tell you. Don’t tell yourself that you don’t have a clue. Change starts from within. It’s where the road bends; no need to pretend.

Call it what you want to call it, just call it and face it. Nothing can stop you from receiving your blessings and I hope this transmits.

People remember this. Just keep showing up; no matter what. Get back up when life is kicking your butt.

You have to remember that you can’t control people but you can control you. You also have to remember this if you are going to get through. You are going to encounter drama everywhere, but today you can choose how you respond to it. You don’t need a magic wand to get beyond and connect with your inner bond.

So If you want to live your life beyond your wildest dreams, then you need to change your theme and join a team that is supreme and pumps up your esteem.

There are some things you must do for you, before you can get rid of the debri, and stop screaming like a Banshee. Get down on your knees plea to thee, become your own emcee.

So if you are fretting about debt, upset about threats, scared of your silhouette. Don’t forget, there are no regrets, bust a sweat, do a duet, place a bet, and don’t you dare quit. God isn’t finished with you yet.

Hope Is Everything When It Is all You Have.


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