Bloom Where You Are Planted

Life is multifaceted and multidimensional and offers us many opportunities to expand and grow. Out of the many human experiences we often grow the most when we are hurt or in pain. Is that where the quote “no pain no gain” came from. Why do we have to be in pain to grow? Why does it have to hurt so much in order for us to move on or let go?

I have come to term with where I need to be at any given time in my life. Human timetables don’t always correspond with spiritual timetables. I get that! But can’t things just turn out how I want them to for once. You know what I mean? We have great plans and we carefully lay out the details of how we want things to unfold. When the plan doesn’t manifest, we fall apart. We are brought down to our knees. Do you ever think that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t time for the grand plan to unfold? Could it be that there is something greater for you around the corner. This step in the process could merely be a stepping stone. We are where we need to be.

If you are resisting because your plan didn’t work out, then you are missing the blessing. Resistance looks like anger, disappointment, complacency and emotions that sucks the life out of you. Instead of resisting, be grateful for where you are. No experience is ever in vain. We pay each experience forward by acknowledging the gifts left behind. We don’t have to hold on to the pain but we can hold onto the jewels and all the good stuff that propels us to the next level. Every experience is laying the foundation for your future. Don’t forget that!

The Universe is preparing you for your greatness. Learn to flow with fate not against it. Enjoy the many milestones in your life and be grateful for all the different seasons that force you to let go of limitations. We never stop growing. We have to remember that it is not always on our terms or in what we believe is perfect timing. We are planted for a season. Why not take advantage of it and bloom where you are planted.


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