What Is That Smell? Is That Your Attitude?

I woke up today with a big chip on my shoulder. I walked around most of the morning literally with a frown on my face. I was very short during my interactions with others. I guess I was feeling my ‘humanness’. I was allowing my environment to control me to the degree I was physically acting out. I thinkĀ I have an attitude! Can you relate?

There are times when we are just plain ‘snots’ (for lack of a better term), and we just can’t stand the sight of other people. And ironically, our own selves. It strikes when we least expect it. The dark shades of the spirit are drawn over and it’s time to quickly escape before anyone notices the chameleon changing colors into someone unrecognizable. In the mist of these times, I find myself rapidly slinking away from the public eye.

Thank goodness it is only temporary. Fortunately, I always have an opportunity to change how I show up in the world. Once I get over myself and my ATTITUDE, I realize how much energy I have expended on my little episode. I gave a lot of energy away that could’ve easily been conserved for much better use. Why do we allow ‘nothingness’ to occupy precious real estate in our minds? The Universe wants us to fully engage in life. It is hard to engage in the Universal process when you have an attitude.

One thing I’ve learned about myself – when my attitude stinks – that I must allow the essence of who I truly am to surface. I am an amazing Spiritual being who just so happens to be having a human experience. We all have moments when we get caught up in the world view of ourselves. I am grateful that I have a foundational belief that no matter what I do in the physical…I transcend in Spirit.

What came out of all of it for me was a shift in my thinking about attitude. I can shift my thinking when I access what I am grateful for; and the abundance awaiting my attention. Having a sense of abundance – that wonderful expansive feeling that your blessings are overflowing – actually has very little to do with how much cash you have in the bank (or lack thereof). It is deeper and much more spiritual than that. Which means, that, ideally it should not be derailed by any day-to-day financial quandaries you my face. Be aware that you have a choice in how you display your attitude. In this awareness, you get to shape how your day unfolds.