Unconditional Love

Love PhotoHave you ever thought about what unconditional love means? I found a couple of definitions and I resonated with one that refers to unconditional love as a noun and it states; affection with no limits or condition; complete love.  According to Elizabeth Reninger, “Unconditional love means love without condition, yes? Love without requirements, free of oaths and contracts, expectations and attachments. Love that is offered without the anticipation of getting something in return. Love that does not need to be coddled or catered to, in order for it to flow. Love given free of contingencies or qualifications. A Love impervious to approval or disapproval.” Wow, does this type of love even exist?

Have you ever experienced unconditional love? If you haven’t, you are not alone. Most of us put conditions on love. I will love you if you buy me something. I will love you if you meet me on my terms. That is not true love. True love is not conditional. It flows with ease and has no limits. For example, I think we all know what it feels like to have a beloved pet that loves us no matter what. I have two amazing dogs who have been to the end of the world and back with me. They love me no matter how I look or feel. They consistently show up in my world just when I need them to. They are a heck of a lot more consistent than others in my life have been.

So how might unconditional love show up in the world? When I love unconditionally:

  • I don’t wait on you to love me
  • I love you just as you are
  • I don’t put limits on relationships
  • I see the Universe as having no limits
  • I transcend all physical aspects of this world
  • All things are possible
  • My heart softens and lets you in
  • My life blossoms into a magnificent bouquet
  • My life expands beyond measure

Love requires choice. I firmly believe that you can choose Unconditional Love, because we can choose who we love or hate. They both require the same amount of energy. The one thing I know for sure is that every experience is either a call for love or a reflection of love; no exceptions. Take a moment and reflect on how you are showing up in the world. How wonderful it is to know that you have free will to choose how you will respond to your calls for love. Blessed it be.


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