Unearthing Past Hurt

Blog PhotoSometimes you have to go back in time to heal the hurt. I think I need to say this again. Sometimes you have to go back in time to heal the hurt. So many of us are “walking wounded.” walking around with unresolved hurt from past experiences. We humans are so good at masking our pain. We have a smile on our face and act as if we are well and wonderful. In actuality, we are hurting and in desperate need of healing.

We have a Nike culture that reinforces “Just do it” even if you are in pain.  We have a pull yourself up by your bootstraps existence. Have mercy on you if you can’t accomplish that. You are judged and put down if you show your pain. So, what do we do? We stuff our pain and go back out into the world and wonder why we have so many depressed, miserable, and unhappy people. I have found from my experience that when we are in pain, it is usually not from something currently going on in our lives. It is usually from a past unresolved hurt. We must go back and heal the past.

For example, if you have an interaction with someone and you feel a sting, take a moment and ask yourself what is this feeling all about? What is stimulating me? Where is this feeling coming from? This feeling may be calling forth healing in your life. Maybe it was a past hurt that happened a long time ago and you were not equipped to process the situation at the time. If this pain is causing you grief and persist, it may be time to take a closer look and begin your healing process.

We are so good at packing our bags with unresolved hurt and pain. If this looks like you, take a moment and identify what is going on. You may need a journal for this process. Once you start, you may identify different areas of your life that are also calling for attention.

Be grateful if you are able to identify these core issues. If you can, you can begin to do something about it!  If you can’t identify what is getting to you it will continue to swarm around in your head until you do something about it. Once you get it out you can begin your healing process. You so deserve to move through life a little lighter. Give yourself the gift of space and free up some room for you to have a happy life.


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