Time To Unplug

imageWe all need time to to unplug and reflect. Depending on what you are going through will determine the amount of time you need to unplug. Unplugging could be just taking a few hours to catch your breathe or taking a long vacation or retreat to get away from it all. There are formal retreats where you are guided in your process. There are retreats that are informal that you or a friend could facilitate. The important piece here is that you recognize when you need a time out.

Giving yourself time to reflect can be a powerful way to process life experiences that block you from being your best you. Only you can choose how your reflection time will unfold. If you go on a retreat, choose processes that work for where you currently are in life. Most retreats are a place for some serious soul searching and reflective work. You may find yourself going deep within yourself to seek out much needed answers. Be prepared to utilize various tools and processes that will assist you on your journey.

Meditation, prayer and journaling are a few tools that can be used in the retreat process. Talking a walk near water or a day hike in the mountain is a fabulous way to connect with your soul. It could also be a day of pampering or “me” time. When you put yourself in retreat mode, you can explore and prepare for your next steps. Also, when we pay attention to what the Universe has in store for us, we open up our hearts and minds to the amazing insights and understandings of our soul.


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