Life Is Yummy!!!

imageWhen was the last time you took a bite out of life? I don’t mean bite in a bad way, in a good way. It feels just like when you take a bite out of a sweet juicy Georgia peach. You know the kind, it is so sweet and so good that it tickles your stomach and makes your eyes roll around in your head from all that goodness. Well, that’s how I woke up today, with such a delicious gratitude for the sweetness of life. I began my morning meditation, after I was done I began to cry. These were not sad tears but tears of joy. Joy was running through my veins today and I was vibrating on high. I am in awe of life and the many opportunities we are all afforded. I am not taking about the man-made opportunities, as they are limited in nature and very subjective depending on who’s making the decisions, I am talking about the Universal opportunity that we all have access to.

Go outside and look at the vastness of the sky and the fullness of the Sun. Look down at your feet and know you are fully supported by Mother Earth. Look around you and you will see all the creative responses from the Universe. The Universe said YES! Just think for a moment about the things you would not see if the creator of this beautiful world believed in the limited thinking of another. If creator believed someone saying that won’t work, you can’t do that, you don’t have enough money for that. We spend too much time questioning everything. We don’t have to know the “how” of getting it done, we just need to know the “what.” The Universe will guide us through anything we set our minds to accomplish. It is not rocket science. Why do we block our creative blessings? We humans do it all the time. No one has to do it for us, we will do it to ourselves.

We live in this amazingly abundant world. We have all these unlimited resources at our finger tips. I find it awesome that depending on my level of creative interaction with the Universal Laws, determines my results. Did you get that folks? You are not limited by what your mom thinks you should do, or your best-friend’s opinion of what is right for you, nor your partner’s selfish view of what comes next in your world. Only you get to decide what your life looks and feels like. Only you can change directions when what you’re currently doing is no longer working. Only you can make you happy. How nifty it that! Did I say nifty? I guess I did. I am just so excited to share my good news. This is liberating news folks! You no longer have to give your power away to another being on this planet. You can just be yourself. See I told ya? Life is yummy.


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