Making Choices That Work For Me

imageIn life, becoming who you want to be is your personal choice. Why are people so quick to give you their opinions regarding how you should live your life? Sometimes people give you their opinions even when you don’t ask. Currently, this seems to be the case in my life. I have asked myself, why am I listening to people who clearly are not qualified to dispense advice involving my life? Do to the fact that their own lives are such a mess.

Why does it matter to me what others think? What is that all about? I now realize that I have made so many life choices depending on the acceptance of others. What would my life be like if I made choices without the input of others? I woke up today with a freeing thought, I don’t have to listen to the opinions of people anymore. What a concept? Designing the life I desire is solely my choice. I don’t need any help.

Recently, I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine. We talked about the mistakes we’ve made during this journey called life. We both agreed that a lot of the mistake we have made were due to fear. Some of the my mistakes were the result of me not wanting to make the same mistakes my family members had made. The harder I tried not to make the same mistakes the more I ended up making them. Whatever we give our energy and attention to surely shows up in our lives. This is the Universal Law called the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes I am paralyzed, and can’t make a move because I am too damn afraid to make a move. Afraid that I am not going to make the right decision or accomplish my goals. Afraid others will not like me. What if I wasn’t afraid? How awesome would my life be? Where would I be in life if I lovingly encouraged myself every step of my journey? What if the loving encouragements were greater than the fearful words? What if every day I woke up and had only loving and kind memories of my yesterday’s? I would then be able to focus more on the joys of life regardless of any situation.

I can often hear my fear when I am telling someone why my ideas won’t work. When I think it can’t be done. I can hear myself blocking my dreams. No one has to do it to me, I already beat them to the punch. I can always think of the many reasons why something won’t work. Instead of thinking of all the reasons why it won’t work, I need to focus on why it will work. I need to learn to change my mindset to all the possibilities.

When I’m speaking harsh words to others or even to myself, it is all about my fears. All of this craziness is about FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is only real if I give it power. I have to take responsibility for my choices. Then and only then will I be able to follow through on my dreams.

I get it! I was letting mistakes from the past shape my future. This no longer works for me. In order for me to move forward I have to be willing to let go of anything that is weighing me down. It is time to start anew. A new day, a new life. I am now making choices that work for me.