Getting Your Spiritual House In Order

From a metaphysical perspective…when I reference house, house stands for individual consciousness. It is the environment your consciousness is manifesting or producing. The spiritual truth that I am working with today is found in the Science of Mind text in the section on the Teaching of Jesus: “We must keep the mental house free from any thought which contradicts the truth of being.”

We all know that “what you think” is a direct reflection of your life. ”Change your thinking and you will change your life.” …Life is what we consciously make of it. Where do you live consciously? Think about it for a moment. What messages are running through your mind from your past experiences from childhood or old relationships? What falsehood might you be telling yourself?

We need to find our way back home. Back to the basics…”Home is Love.”  If we come from the Love of God…why can’t we just stay there? I have asked myself this question countless times. I feel the journey through life helps us to rediscover and remember what home feels like. We deviate from it or get off the path and then when we start using spiritual practices such as meditations, affirmations and treatment, we find our way back to that unconditional, balance place of harmony…simply called Love.

The essence of who we are, is Love. Home is God’s house, the place where God keeps all Godly possessions and creations. The good news is that perfections exist inside each and every one of us, at this very moment. If we are love, what gets in the way? What blocks us from this divine connection?

I believe, it’s our thinking. Our “every day” thinking gets in the way. That notorious criminal “Stinkin’ Thinkin”, otherwise known as “negative thoughts”, is a common but un-helpful pastime. Imagine all the extra energy and creativity we could muster up, if we weren’t bogged down by thoughts of “not good enough” limited thinking. Let’s have a look at some of the most common forms of how this thinking shows up in our lives.

Your consciousness reflects who you are to those around you. But when we allow negative self-talk to rule our lives, it has a dramatic impact on what shows up in the world. One of the things we could do is begin by telling ourselves the truth. The truth and essence of who you are, is more than the totality of your experiences. The truth is that you are an amazing spiritual being…you are lovable…you are whole, perfect and complete at this very moment!

Sometimes, I feel we forget that the planet has an abundant supply and there is more than enough for all of us living beings. Even if your current situation is reflecting something different, you have the opportunity to change it, by changing your thinking. The simplest and most powerful thing you can do to make this happen is to, believe in yourself.

Who are you? Take a moment and check in. What have you been thinking? Is there something that is blocking your blessings? Is there something holding you back from your greater good? Have you told yourself any untruths lately?

Are you a reservoir?

A reservoir is a container that holds water. The function of the reservoir is to hold water until the supply is needed. A reservoir had an inlet and outlet. As a reservoir, are you a resource which may be drawn upon in times of need for yourself and others? What things are you holding in reserve?

Do these things benefit you or the world? In your reservoir are there past hurts. Feeling of coming up short or missing the mark. Your reservoir also holds all of your amazing God-given gifts…all the good stuff that God is doing through you.

These gifts can be overshadowed by the consciousness of all the stuff not working in your life. If you are a reservoir, what things are you holding on to? What things are you sharing with others and the world? In a reservoir, there is an inlet and an outlet. Do you have a way of making sure your inlet and outlet is in good working order? So that your cup is never empty.

Are you a swamp?

A swamp differs from a reservoir and a canal. A swamp has an inlet but no outlet. Water flows in to the swamp but not out of it. The result is the water rots and many living things die there.

There is a strange and death life order that permeates the atmosphere. However, there is life in a swamp but it is stale. Are you holding on to pass regrets? Things that didn’t work out. Are you always reaching for more and not grateful for what you do have?

Are you hanging on to what is no longer serving you in your life? Are you refusing to let something go…we have to let things go so you can free up space for our greater good.
If so, do you wonder why your life is the way it is. Why the things you touch don’t seem to turn out the way you want them to. The water in a swamp has no outlet. A swamp is a place where living things often sicken and die. Are you a swamp?


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