The Biggest Victim…You (Part I)


Some people are addicted to the trauma of the drama; they participate in a daily struggle against their own created turmoil. Some people are perpetual victims. Do you know anyone like this? There seems to always be struggle in the life of a victim. The people around them become unwitting performers in their dramatic scenes. Have you ever been an unwilling participant in someone’s drama or maybe your own?

The victim does not want to let go and move on, because they need to struggle and destroy, to live. That is the nature of being a victim. Blame is the getaway vehicle the victim uses to flee the scenes of their emotional crimes. The pain we carry within ourselves is flung and strewn on everyone we encounter; contaminating every peaceful moment with spots of uneasiness and discord. We are raging against ourselves. We fight outward enemies because we are afraid to confront the enemy within. As victims, we are deeply wounded people. Victimhood is dangerous to your peace of mind, your family, and your life.

When we try to help a person in victimhood, they can behave like a wounded animal that will bite your hand. A victim will suck you into their hellish world if you let them. A victim will keep you there forever, drama after drama, as their emotional support — as their prisoner. It will never end; every molehill made into a mountain of problems — mountains of madness.

When you find yourself hanging off the cliff with someone in victim hood. Be careful. If they pull you over the edge, you may have to cut the rope. Sometimes letting go of someone is the only way to survive.

Definition of a Victim:
A victim is someone who believes, sincerely, that they are at the bottom end of some personal conspiracy. That the forces of the universe conspires against all their endeavors, ironically, it is this belief that results in the endless gathering of evidence, by the victim, to prove this. Thus, it is often difficult for the victim to see the truth through this clouded paradigm of self-deceit and defeat.

Part II to be posted in two weeks!


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The Universal Law of “As Within, So With Out”

as-within-so-withoutAffirmation: My outside world is an exact reflection of my inner world.
The Universe and your surroundings rearrange themselves to bring you what you believe. They reflect your existing reality. So it is literally, “as within, so without.”
Your outside world is really an exact reflection of your inner world. This is how your lessons on Earth are presented to you. So look at your life and see what you have in your life. Do you like your friends? Do you like your job? Are you happy in your relationships? Are you really happy in your life?
Whatever is presented to you in your life, is how you feel on the inside. If you understand this, then your life may be easier for you. How you feel is reflected back to you in your reality. You are manifesting your life based on how you are feeling. Your feelings create your reality.
If you are angry on the inside, you will find angry people in your life who are mirroring your anger back to you. The angrier you are, the angrier friends you will have. Like minded attracts like minded. Your anger is attracting angry friends. This is also true if you have suppressed anger. If you are angry on the inside and hide this anger, you will still attract angry friends. You may hide your anger from your friends, but you can’t hide this from yourself.
If you feel abandoned, people may leave you, withdraw emotionally or even die. Again, how you feel is reflected back to you, in your reality. You are manifesting your life based on how you are feeling. Your feelings create your reality.
If you beat yourself up with your thoughts or are self-critical, you will attract people who will reflect this by putting you down or even physically hitting you. Again, look at your life and your situations. What would you like to change? If you change on the inside, your outside will change as well.
If you feel loved, safe, secure, and happy on the inside, you will have a safe, secure, and a happy life surrounded by people who love you. Also, your inner integrity will be matched by those around you. The people in your life will be honest, creative, generous-hearted, or modest to the extent that you are.
Always remember that peace within leads to outside peace in your life. As within, so without. So, if you wish to change something in your life, you must look within yourself to alter your attitudes and beliefs in order for your outer world to change. Change yourself on the inside and watch your outer world change. You must make the change and not wait for others to change. To have something you have never had before, you must do something you have never done before.
Instead of arguing with someone, have peace in your heart and don’t argue at all. Watch as the other person stops arguing. Tell them you are sorry even if you feel they are at fault and watch them apologize to you as well. It is better to be happy than right. Do not let your emotions and ego dictate your life. People will always resonate at your energy level. If you have love in your heart, you will attract loving people in your life. As within, so without. And if they don’t, you may need to love them from a distance. You will always know how you feel.
If you are kind and generous, you will have people in your life who are kind and generous to you. You are manifesting your reality based on how you feel. When you feel better and good about yourself and your life, you are resonating at a higher energy vibration and you will tend to laugh more and have more joy in your heart. So look at your life and make the appropriate changes to get you to laugh more and shift your consciousness level higher. As a friend of mine always says, “have smiles to share!!” We are at a time, in this moment, where there is a great shift occurring.